Hold'em Manager 2: an overview of one of the most popular poker software

If there is any software that every poker player needs, it is HoldemManager 2. This is, in fact, a universal program for collecting and analyzing poker statistics. It is not the first year that XM2 has become the leader in terms of use in poker rooms around the world. At one time, the appearance of this program was a real breakthrough for online poker. No one has ever made such a capacious and versatile utility for pumping almost every aspect of the poker game. Now the popularity of the program is so great that in the rooms where it is allowed, users without the program have practically no chance to beat those who have it.

We will tell you about the features and benefits of the program and the possible areas of its use.

How the program works

What the Holdem Manager 2 window looks like

Hold'em Manager 2 runs and runs in parallel with the main poker client (the room where you play). In automatic mode, additional software collects a base of played hands from the client of the room. Further, the database is transformed into a format that is convenient for analysis and operation and shows the data to the user in an understandable format. These can be tables, graphs or diagrams.

In addition to the fact that all the collected data can later be used for retrospective analysis, they are transmitted during your game to the heads up display in real time. If the software already has a certain base of information on a specific opponent, then next to it you will see a pop-up window with statistics that help determine the optimal game strategy for a specific opponent.

In addition to statistics on opponents, the program also collects your personal stats, which will become an ideal foundation for working on mistakes and further improving your playing skills.

Interface and functions

What is the interface and functionality of one of the most popular programs for poker players

It should be noted that the program interface is very simple and straightforward, despite all the complexity and intricacy of the calculations. In a few minutes you can easily find the necessary section and learn how to decipher statistics. The menu contains sections with reports, opponents, additional applications and information on the active session.

On the home page of the program there is an automatic display of news and updates (you can independently connect sites and resources of interest to you to display). There is also a section for widgets that you define yourself. Among these widgets there is a built-in one with an information block on various training poker videos, an index of the profitability of your game and an equity calculator. Basically, from the quick access home page, you can set up everything you need to get a profitable giveaway.

Also in HM2 you can synchronize databases from multiple devices and make backups. This is very convenient for those who play from multiple computers. The program allows you to collect statistics from several rooms at once into one pool through aliases, which are easily configured directly in the client itself.

An interesting tab with reports is divided into tournaments and cash. The user is offered two options for displaying information - in a table or in the form of a diagram with additional graphic symbols (this format is much easier to understand). All provided stats are easily sorted and filtered by game, date and other parameters of the built-in filter. A set of presets is provided out of the box (already installed and configured filters, by which you can conveniently filter the stats presented in a tabular or graphical form).

Likewise, active user sessions are divided into cash and tournaments. You can study them in real time, which is also very convenient.

The section "Opponents" deserves special attention, which contains all the stats on your opponents. You can see the results of personal meetings and individual stats of your opponents. Player analysis (a built-in function in Hold'em Manager 2) allows you to determine the opponent's playing style, tactics of his behavior in certain game situations. This is where the so-called leaks are found - weaknesses in the opponent's game strategy.


Holdem Manager 2 GUI

Many users especially love Hold'em Manager 2 for HUD. This is a small display (pop-up window) that appears in the poker room interface and shows a summary of the main stats in real time. You can independently customize the HUD display mode and the stats that are displayed on it. Now in poker rooms it is difficult to imagine a regular at a limit of average and higher, who would not use this software opportunity.

The possibilities of the program are endless. We recommend installing HoldemMaganer 2 trail and trying to learn at least half of the program's functions on your own.

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