A brief overview of Hand4Hand: features and benefits of the program


Hand4Hand is very useful for those who want to win most of the hands in the room. Modern online poker is about more than your isolated skills and experience. It is important to have information. Data on your opponents is especially important. If you have just registered in the room or found yourself in an unusual limit or discipline for you, then how to understand who is playing in front of you? It can be either a fish or a real regular shark.

Knowing your opponent, it is easy to form a certain strategy against him and stick to it. In tournaments, you can find out opponents using SharScope, but it is simply unsuitable for cash tables. That is why we will tell you about Hand4Hand and its wonderful features for your profitable cash poker game. The program is designed to collect information about the users of the room (in poker) and will be useful for the cash.

What are the advantages of the resource?

The resource has a trawl version

After launch, at one time the site was completely free with many referral links. Now you can register and view information for free for twenty-four hours.

The interface is convenient and intuitive

Hand4hand resource interface for poker players

Immediately after registration, you can go to the statistics section (basically, you need it in your work). On the page you will see five fields, in one of which you need to enter the nickname of the opponent you are interested in. By the way, if you have StarsHelper or 888Caption installed, then the service will be able to pull up the stats automatically, which is even more convenient.

After entering the nickname, enter the discipline, limit and table format and specify the time for collecting statistics. That is, you can not only look at the stats of your opponent, but also see his style and features of the game in the conditions you need.

Coverage area

The room works with poker rooms of the 888, Chico, PokerStars and WPN network. Moreover, the coverage is constantly expanding - at the start, the program worked only with Stars. Now the limits from 10 to 20k are available in all the rooms described above.

You can watch leaders and outsiders

In addition to the stats for one opponent, you can see the leaders and laggards of a specific limit. To do this, go to the TOP players tab and see who performed best in a particular limit, compare yourself with direct opponents and analyze. The stats indicate the number of hands and win rate.

Portable option

A very useful feature for regulars who use their PC or laptop directly with poker. You can upgrade to the compact version of the program without occupying the entire monitor. The interface will collapse, and you can use it in a convenient, condensed mode. This format of the program is convenient to use in real time.

The cost

As we already wrote above, the resource can be fully used only after a paid subscription has been made. The most expensive version will cost the most, covering all the limits - $ 130 for six months. The administration claims that over time, the service will increase in price at 30%.

Who is it for? 

Perhaps not everyone makes sense to buy an expensive six-month subscription, but the trail version should be tried by all players. It is especially important to use the resource when moving to a new limit or even to a new poker room. Playing at high limits - be sure to study your opponents so as not to lose your buy-ins.

In general, Hand4Hand is a very interesting resource that will help you choose the tables and opponents wisely in the poker room.

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