Make a deposit right: 888 Poker bonuses

The 888 Poker Deposit Bonus is a great opportunity to start a game not empty-handed. Such promotions provide a smooth entry into the room, playing the role of a safety cushion. New players are in better conditions and can master the game without unnecessary stress. In this article, we will tell you about the main promotions of the site. 

888 Poker Deposit Bonus

400$ wagering bonus per deposit

Newly arrived poker players receive an additional percentage of rakeback (20%). This promotion is deferred. What does it mean?

A bonus equal to the value of the deposit is credited to a separate account, switching to the cash after accumulating the required amount of rake points. During this period, the player receives a higher percentage of rakeback, simultaneously participating in the general rakeback program, which gives up to 15% returns. Thus, the maximum cashback percentage after a deposit is 35%, add to this additional free tournament tickets.

Terms of action:

  • Works only for the first deposit;
  • Available for each player only once. If several people play on your device, then only 1 of them will receive the bonus;
  • The allotted time for holding - 90 days after activation;
  • Cash is credited up to 72 hours after the deposit, pass-through tickets for tournaments are credited within 2 days;
  • The bonus is credited in the currency in which the account is located;
  • Each user can take part in only one promotion for the first deposit, each of which is activated with a separate promotional code.
888 poker bonus activation

How to activate the bonus

To receive the bonus, the player needs to register in the room, and then top up the account by specifying the promo code WELCOME100. You can enter the code itself in a special line when making a deposit. If you forgot to activate the promo code when replenishing your account, then contact the support service with a corresponding request to activate the bonus.

The bonus amount is equal to the amount of the deposit. Stock one-time, so calculate your strength correctly, there will be no second chance. 

How to win back?

The promotion itself is transferred to the cash in parts, each of which is equal to $ 10. To receive each such part, the poker player needs to wager 100 poker rake points or 888 Casino. The rate for poker points is 2 to 1 dollar commission. In other games, the rate is different. The bonus is not cleared in bookmaker 888. 

At 888 Casino, bonus points are awarded as follows:

  • Roulette (except live), Triple Card, table poker - 20% bets;
  • Black Jack, Baccarat (including live dealer), Hi / Lo tables, webcam poker (all types), Holdem and live roulette - 10% bets;
  • Video / regular-slots, instant lottery, Racing, Arcade and games, beyond the previous points - 100%;
  • Craps - 5%.

You cannot wager several bonuses at the same time. If a player participates in several promotions at once that allow simultaneous activation, then the bonus that was activated first is wagered first, then in turn.

Deposit bonus 888 Poker It works well with the room's no deposit bonus that allows you to get $ 88, so you can significantly increase your bankroll immediately after registration.

Make a deposit right: 888 Poker bonuses
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