Mirror PokerOk: current sites and transition rules

Using the PokerOk mirror, you are automatically taken to the official site of the poker room, where there are all games, tournaments, bonus offers and advanced functionality.

This is one of the safest and best ways from GGPokerOK, which gives you access to the site and its features.

Mirror PokerOk

What is a mirror site

In Russia and some CIS countries, sites that provide an opportunity to play online poker are prohibited by regulatory authorities. GGPokerOk is one of the prohibited poker sites.

You can use the Tor browser or VPN wizard to bypass the block, but they will not provide the proper quality of the game. The most reliable and trusted source of access is a mirror site.

This is a copy of the official resource, which differs only in a modified ip-address. Since it is the IP address that is blocked, the domain of the twin site contains additional characters.

The main advantages of a mirror include:

  • The functionality, design and varieties of games, tournaments are the same as those of the official resource;
  • The address contains additional letters or numbers (sometimes both);
  • The ability to download software directly;
  • You can open a mirror site from any device - PC, smartphone or iPhone;
  • It is possible to download and install the game client on a personal computer, phone, as well as register and get acquainted with all the news of the room, promotions and bonuses.
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How to go to the official copy

Detailed instructions on how to go to the site will help you become a member of one of the major poker rooms, start playing and winning:

  • Go to the official mirror site;
  • Log in using your username and password or register if you have not previously had a personal profile (in the upper right corner, click on the "Register" button and fill in all the data);
  • Then click on "Download Client" to download the file to your PC or phone;
  • Install, run and log in with your personal username and password.

Immediately after logging in, you are automatically taken to the lobby and can start playing. Here, you can choose from a wide variety of gaming disciplines, formats, bonuses, promotions, freerolls that are available on the official PokerOk resource.

Where to find an up-to-date copy site

Of course, Roskomnadzor blocks not only the official sources of the game rooms, but also their mirrors. As a rule, the copy site exists for 3-4 months, after which it is included in the list of blocked ones.

You can find a new link:

  • On the the official website of GGPokerOk... The administration of the room regularly monitors the performance of working mirrors and, if necessary, renews them;
  • At the poker room support. However, after contacting you will have to wait a little - 1-2 days.

Searching in search engines is dangerous - this way you run the risk of running into scammers who often steal accounts and infect your devices with viruses.

Other options

Of course, a working mirror is the best way to access a website. You do not need to download or install it, and to go, just follow the link. If you don't have a working URL, you can use other methods.


Download the program, run it, after which it automatically changes your ip-address to the address of another country. VPN-master can be paid and free.

Browser extensions

The principle of operation is the same as that of the VPN. You can find them in the browser's internal store. The most popular extensions are Hola VPN, Zenmate, Hotspot Shield.

Turbo mode

This mode is available from Opera, Chrome and Yandex browser. The official website of the room is broadcast from a computer monitor.

Tor Browser

Like VPN, it encrypts the information outgoing from the device and its ip-address. Can only be used from a PC.

These blocking bypass methods have several drawbacks - they slow down the Internet, work slowly, some heavily load the computer's processor.

Using the PokerOk mirror, you will get access to all games, tournaments, bonuses and promotions on the official site of the poker room.

Mirror PokerOk: current sites and transition rules
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