Mirror Pokerdom - where to find and how to use

In Russia and some CIS countries, gambling is prohibited, and in order to avoid blocking, you need a Pokerdom mirror. This site is a copy of an official resource with the same capabilities, functionality and software.

Mirror poker

Official working mirror of the room

If you have a problem logging into the Pokerdom website, you need to find a link to a copy of it. It can be on the official poker room resource or on thematic forums.

A clone site from Pokerdom is distinguished by its wide functionality and great capabilities. Here you can:

  • Complete registration and create an account;
  • Top up the account or withdraw funds through the "Cashier";
  • If necessary, contact the support specialists;
  • Get acquainted with all the new products in the poker room;
  • Download and install the client on a PC, an application on a mobile phone for Android and iOS OS.

The domain address of the clone site always contains the name "pokerdom" and additionally symbols (numbers, letters). If the site does not inspire confidence in you, please contact support to make sure it is reliable.

The main advantages of a copy site include:

  • Great opportunities (availability of all game operations);
  • Absolute security provided by the official resource.
Official mirror of poker

Working mirror for Russians

Since 2009, Roskomnadzor has banned playing poker in our country. Therefore, there is no way for Russian players to visit poker sites. All game rooms, including Pokerdom, are subject to blocking. Therefore, for such participants, the administration of the room periodically creates twin sites, which in all respects are no different from the official resource.

Not only the official source of Pokerdom is subject to blocking, but also its copy. The process of setting the ban takes about a month. A new mirror site can last about 4-5 months.

How to download software Pokerdom

To download and install a copy on a PC or mobile phone, you need to go to the verified copy site, click the "Download" button, then "Install" on the device. This will take a few minutes.

This is a free procedure, therefore, if you are asked for money for downloading, then you are faced with scammers.

Other options for accessing the site

In addition to the twin site, Pokerdom offers other ways to bypass the blocking:

  1. If you use the Opera or Yandex browser, you can apply turbo mode. It is installed in the software settings. This is a special technology that allows you to significantly increase the download of the necessary Internet sources, and, thus, bypass the blocking.
  2. Anonymizers... Hide the player's current ip-address, changing it to another. For example, if you are in Russia and want to go to the official Pokerdom website, the anonymizer will automatically log in from a supposedly different country.
  3. Special extensions... Suitable for all kinds of browsers, they act on the same principle as anonymizers - they hide the player's current IP address.
  4. DNS servers... An advanced method, the essence of which is to hide the ip-address, but only on a PC or router scale.
  5. Tor Browser... Another good tool for bypassing blocking, although when using it, the Internet can slow down.
  6. VPN-master... It can be paid or free. Convenient when using the Opera browser. Turns on with one click in the browser settings.

Some users use the "Traffic Saver" mode on their devices. Try one of the above options, and choose the most suitable and convenient for you.

Pokerdom mirror is a great opportunity to download a client, play online, replenish your account and win good money.

Mirror Pokerdom - where to find and how to use
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