PokerStars and Run IT Up to Release New Interactive Poker Game on Twitch

Poker room Pokerstarsand Run It Up, owned by Jason Somerville, are developing a new live streaming format on Twitch. Here viewers get the opportunity to influence how the streamer will act with their decisions, since they can vote for certain decisions during the game in certain hands and scenarios.

This game is called Chat Plays Poker and it will be released on September 26th. It should be noted that there are no analogues of this development by PokerStars and Run It Up in the world yet.

It is also worth noting that here you can not only choose solutions for the streamer, but also play against other star poker players. For example, it could be Chris Moneymaker, as well as renowned comedian and poker commentator Joe Stapleton and Run It Up member Jesse Fullen.

How to play?

An example of playing Chat Plays Poker from PokerStars

Anyone can start this game. The launch is scheduled for the Twitch platform on the PokerStars channel at 22:00 Moscow time. Jason Somerville will launch a quick demo.

Players who will participate will start with 100 BB stacks with 1/1 blinds. Most likely, the whole game will take several hours.

To participate here, you need to click on “vote for the action” at the top, and you also need to click on “enable” when the corresponding request is displayed. When the player gets to the point of making a decision, he can choose from different actions, such as bet / raise, check, or fold. Somerville will ultimately look at how his audience chose to play, and based on their choice, he will act as the game progresses.

PokerStars and Run IT Up to Release New Interactive Poker Game on Twitch
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